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Invest in your future marketing. Invest in video.

When it comes to using video, most marketing savvy companies and individuals know that it is the most powerful form of media to connect with your audience, drive sales, and future-proof your SEO strategy.

Benefits include generating more organic website traffic by appearing in video search results, catering to the 80% of people who would rather watch video than read text, and quadrupling the number of clicks you get on your call to actions. 

Well produced video lets you:

  • Organically rank in YouTube and Google search
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Get more engagement in social media
  • Enhance conversion rates on your salesw and enquiry pages
  • Boost sales and drive engagement 

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Key Skills

Online Marketing

I have extensive experience in broader maketing roles, meaning all the video content I produce is optimised, has specific purpose, and has measurable impact.


Copywriting for impact

Writer of marketing copy, articles, blog posts, website and sales copy that engages audiences

Video Production

Experienced video producer covering all aspects of production, from concept to completion

Training & Consultancy

Experience of teaching both A-level & adult learners in video production, desktop publishing & web design

Futureproof your marketing with video before it is too late…

Creative Video Marketing

I pursued my interest in advertising and video, first studying media, then teaching A-Level Media in Cambridge.

Following this I opened my company, creating video-based training resources for schools. This meant not only producing a saleable product, but also figuring out how to sell it.

To do this I had to learn a whole range of email and social media marketing strategies.


The skills I developed were used to make sales to over 3000 schools…roughly 10% of all UK schools.

Today, I use everything I’ve learned since then to  help others achieve their goals.

Check out my blogs – I have put together lots of great marketing tips, creative hacks and more that can be applied to your business right now.


My Latest Videos

Some of my Blogs

John Wick 5: A Script Outline by ChatGPT

John Wick 5: A Script Outline by ChatGPT

When the not too distant day comes, when you can write into an AI like ChatGPT, "Write a script for John Wick 5. Use the same characters from John Wick 4 excluding any characters that were killed off. Create a 147 minute movie from this using industry standards." And...

read more

The Power of Story Telling

In a world full of tweets and endless distraction, getting people’s attention is more difficult than ever. Connecting to bigger themes is a powerful way of engaging in your customer’s interests and finding mutual values that really cement a relationship beyond one-off sales.

In this video, I explore the themes behind San Miguel’s ‘What does it mean to be rich’ campaign, why it is such a success, and how we can replicate this for a lower budget.

This video I created for my own video company demonstrates what big impact can be created on a small budget.

Overnight inspiration

Like many creatives, I am a night owl. I wrote the script for this and finalised it in one sitting.

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Why video marketing inspires me

I have always had a strong creative side and an interest in video production, writing, and design. After teaching A-Level and adults in web design, video production, and publishing, I started my own business, creating the concept, branding, launch and marketing of special interest videos which I sold to thousands of schools and leading education bodies such as Ofsted. I am excited by the abundance of information and tools available that enable small and large businesses alike to target people interested in their products and services.

Fresh ideas backed by years of experience

Stepping back and looking at your business objectively is difficult. From launching new products or services through to developing marketing strategies and branding, I use my hands on experience to bring fresh ideas and strategies to the table that really grow businesses. 

Helping increase return on investment

Because I have run my own business, I understand how mission critical it is to get returns on your marketing spend. It can be complex. What works for some businesses does not work for others. The key to getting you better conversion rates is research, experimentation, planning and robust implementation. These are things I help with.

Helping you stay legal

In a post GDPR world, marketing and sales has become trickier in terms of compliance and legislation. This, however, does not mean that you need to be any less effective. In fact, I believe the opposite applies. There is less spam and distraction for audiences, and those businesses who get their marketing right have more impact than ever before. I have stayed on top of the legislation for GDPR, and have created a blog and video guide to help you stay compliant.

Staying up to date with new marketing knowledge and trends

Staying on top of new trends, technologies and marketing channels is key to your business success. I subscribe to a range of high-quality blogs, regularly updated courses, YouTube, and books to keep my knowledge current. I also produce video, websites and graphics content using the latest versions of the respective software meaning my skills are always up-to-date.

What sets me apart from other video producers

Something that sets me apart from others is the combination of my creative, analytical, and general communications skills. I have a great deal of empathy and passion for everything I do, and this is exemplified by the fact that I am not only a marketer but the chair of a charity which I helped to establish and grow. I am very comfortable working with people on all levels and excel when put in front of clients.

Client Testimonials

I recommend Andrej. He combines attention to detail and excellent service and delivery with first-class client care. I could not recommend him enough!”

Mark Rivlon

Business Owner, Create Services

“I have worked with Andrej for many years in a number of multimedia contexts. He has a great attitude towards his work, his processes are assured and efficient; he is an expert in many fields. He has a great manner with people, that when combined with the depth of his expertise, produces genuinely stunning results.”

Lex Wilson

Creative Manager, Mott MacDonald

“Having worked with Andrej on previous projects, we commissioned him to create a microsite and email campaigns to promote what we do. As always, we are delighted with the support, insights and results he provides us with.”

Helenmary Stark

Company Director, IPST

Some companies I have worked with

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