How to create a landing page that increases conversions by 600%

1: Create a great value proposition.

This should summarise the value to the customer in a short sentence that tells them immediately if what you are offering, is going to be useful to them. You don’t want to waste their time or yours, and this will ensure you get the most relevant leads.

I’ll give you one example of a great value proposition statement from Uber.

Uber highlight the inconveniences of taking a traditional taxi and highlights and why their solution is better with amazing efficiently. The simple yet effective language used reflects the simplicity and ease that their service provides to the end-user.

The value is summarised in three short sentences.

  • One tap and a car comes directly to you
  • Your driver knows exactly where to go
  • Payment is completely cashless

Everything about this directly contrasts the typical experience of getting a taxi – no need for awkward phone calls, no misunderstandings, no scrabbling for cash.

You can see more examples, guidance and templates to create your own with my Killer Value Proposition Creator Pack available to download for free.

2: Call to action

The second part should be some kind of call to action. For example a signup form like this, or a button like this one from Slack leading to a signup or login screen.

Bear in mind that the shorter the signup form, the more likely it will be that people will fill in it, so try and gather just the essentials. I know it can be tempting to add that one extra field, but try to resist!

3: Include social proof

Studies have shown that conversion rates increase by nearly 65% if you include social proof, for example, a list of prominent clients.

4: Build trust

Once you’ve hooked them in, its time to build up trust. 70% of people will look for evidence that you are trustworthy, so reviews, particularly external ones, such as those from Trustpilot, are really important.

Additionally, for e-commerce sites, data shows that visitors are 63% more likely to buy from you if they see good reviews.

5: Include a video

Video is a great way of communicating your message quickly and succinctly, and will also ensure that your visitors stay on your page for longer. A Comcast study showed that on average, visitors stayed 2 minutes longer on a web page that included video.

Try to make videos short and punchy. Setting the duration of your video from the outset will focus your message, and mean more people watch it. I recommend home page videos last between 1 and 2 minutes.

6: Use concise language and bullet points

You have to bear in mind that unlike with books, visitors tend to skim read web pages. For this reason it is a good idea to keep your sentences and paragraphs short and to the point. Use bullet points to break information down and make it easy to skim read and understand.

Always focus on the benefits of what you are offering or what you do to your users rather than the features or functions. People don’t care how it works. They care about how it works for them!

7: Track conversions and include a final call to action

End your page with some kind of conclusion and another call to action, preferably the same as the one at the top of the page.

To see how well your campaigns are performing, include tracking code to see where that lead came from, for example, your Google AdWords or Facebook ad.

Add tracking to your form or button to know which of these visitors converted. That way you can accurately gauge your return on investment per advertising channel.

And that’s it. If you apply some, or all of these tips to your web page, you will see your enquires and signups increase. Please let me know in the comments how this works for you.

Create high converting landing pages in minutes

Creating landing pages takes time, effort and above all skills.

Thankfully there are amazing programs that make creating highly converting landing pages easy. You don’t need to know how to code, and they are based on the best current practice.

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