When the not too distant day comes, when you can write into an AI like ChatGPT, “Write a script for John Wick 5. Use the same characters from John Wick 4 excluding any characters that were killed off. Create a 147 minute movie from this using industry standards.”


What then? A multi billion dollar industry employing millions of people will be killed off, along with countless others.

AI could be a great tool. However, could it be the end of humanity as we know it? Will we just be ‘batteries’ like in the matrix, fuelling an AI machine driven world? I’d love to hear less bleak thoughts.


Just for fun, I have asked ChatGPT to create the script outline for John Wick 5. I created the poster image in DALL·E 2.

Title: John Wick 5: No Way Back

Genre: Action, Thriller

Logline: When John Wick’s past catches up to him once again, he must confront his most powerful and ruthless enemies yet in order to protect those he cares for and seek retribution for his fallen comrades.

I. Act One

A. Introduction

John Wick is in hiding in a remote location, attempting to find peace and recovery after the events of the previous film.
Sofia, a former ally, arrives with her dog and delivers an urgent message about a new threat.
Flashbacks reveal John’s past connection to this new villain, a dangerous crime lord named Ivan Drakov.

B. Catalyst

Drakov orders a brutal attack on The Continental, killing several key characters and friends of John Wick.
Winston, the manager of The Continental, contacts John and requests his help to avenge their fallen friends.

C. John Wick’s Decision

Despite the danger, John chooses to return and face Drakov.
He reunites with Sofia, who agrees to help him as they share a mutual interest in taking down Drakov.

II. Act Two

A. John Wick’s Preparation

John and Sofia gather intel on Drakov and his organization, including the location of his hidden fortress.
They assemble a team of skilled allies, including a master sharpshooter, a tech specialist, and a hand-to-hand combat expert.
John visits The Bowery King, a former enemy turned ally, to acquire weapons and resources for their mission.

B. The Assault

The team infiltrates Drakov’s fortress, battling through waves of heavily armed henchmen.
John and Sofia split up to tackle two objectives: Sofia confronts Drakov’s second-in-command, while John heads for Drakov himself.

C. Confronting the Villain

John faces Drakov in an intense hand-to-hand fight, learning that Drakov has a personal vendetta against him for a past betrayal.
Simultaneously, Sofia engages in a brutal battle with Drakov’s second-in-command, narrowly defeating her opponent.

III. Act Three

A. Climax

John and Drakov’s fight continues, but Drakov gains the upper hand and brutally wounds John.
Just as Drakov is about to deliver the fatal blow, Sofia intervenes, giving John the opportunity to turn the tide and defeat Drakov.

B. Resolution

With Drakov’s organization dismantled and his allies avenged, John and Sofia part ways once more.
John returns to The Continental, where he is offered a chance to retire in peace by Winston, with protection from any future threats.
John, finally able to find peace, decides to retire and begins a new life, knowing he has put an end to the cycle of violence.

C. Final Scene

A mysterious figure watches John from afar, hinting at a potential new threat for John Wick in the future.